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Seize the Chair - Taking the Jerk Pop Throne

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Seize The Chair - Deborah

Razor sharp guitars slice through the pop shop vocals that put you in mind of Young Knives playing Bloc Party covers in a windowless basement circa 77. Jerky, angular, driven fun.

Mnemotechnic - Don’t Forget Them

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Mnemotechnic - Penny for Belief

Here’s a bit of energetic French rock in the vein of Bloc Party, covering an Errors track whilst going histrionic on Red Bull in a sweaty black box club.

Widowspeak - Lonely Heights

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Widowspeak - Harsh Realm

The lovechild of Mazzy Star and Chris Isaak has finally been delivered and it’s as good looking, wistful and darkly evocative of wasted desert lines at night as you all thought it would be.

Knesset - Gathering Fans

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Knesset - Bitter Hearts

You’re put in mind of Conor Oberst fronting a 90’s college band or Portland collective, but with a more gazey, washed out feel to the whole proceedings. Eminently listenable.

Total Slacker - Idle Frets

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Total Slacker - Psychic Mesa

Slowed down, stoned and washed out grunge, but with a popper sensibility, & some thrift store chic. So, you know, they might get off their beanbags and sell some records.

To Kill a King - Filmic Folk

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To Kill A King - Wrecking Crew (acoustic)

A warm, pulsing, missed heartbeat of a song full of new folk influences but with a weary soul all its own.

Psychobuildings - Crazed Constructions

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Psychobuildings - No Man’s Land

What come on initially as an updated 80’s Blitz club anthem soon convinces you there’s more going on here with its faux slop bass twang and poppy direction.

Big Troubles - a Little Reminder

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Big Troubles - Misery

We love a bit of dream pop, but let’s face it, some of it is more, well, drift pop. Packing more of a punch, this chunk of winsome fuzziness with a great screeching guitar line slicing through it is a cattle prod to the genre.